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Hello Reader,

My name is Patricia and i,m a 46 yrs – old woman, currently in Philadelphia US. I am living with the family: my partner and also my one kid. I’m the founder and publisher of the BasicLifeSupport.net on-line magazine and i’m the responsible person for the written and published information.

By describing my actual life, I would like my precious readers to get to know me and find out why I find living healthily the primary thing in a human,s life and how I actually integrated living healthily in my everyday life. Even if I am 46, I feel an energetic woman all the time, no matter if it is raining out there or even if the sun is up. Several years ago, I tended to believe that my mood and health status depends on the weather outside, but I was totally wrong. I believed that if it is raining outside, that is the reason why I am not in the mood of doing anything and I have no energy at all. Today, I can,t say that I feel the same. I am energetic because that is what I make myself believe and feel.

Wellness is not about our mood or the weather: “Oh, I am so tired, why does it have to be so windy and cold outside?”, I heard a number of people talking that way a lot of times. Wellness actually represents the way we are living day by day, how much time we spend on our inner and outer beauty, how much time we invest in doing physical activity and staying fit and most importantly, what are our nutritional habits.

My teenage years have been mostly dominated by stress and lack of energy in most of the time. I hated getting up so early in the morning, going to school, having at least 6 classes a day and then going home and feeling hopeless. I felt the same way in the next 4 years, while I attended the local law university – I felt like I was going to sleep during classes and fall under the desk! I had concentration-related problems during my exams that resulted in chaotic lifestyle habits, poor dieting, stress and lack of energy. Putting away these issues, I also had problems with time management, so I could never finish my tasks. I have always been in a hurry, I was always late everywhere and this issue also resulted in these chaotic lifestyle choices.

Even more, I heard the majority of people complaining to me that they can,t get rid of their stressful life, they always feel tired and totally exhausted and are unhappy in most of the time. As I had felt the same like them, for now there was nothing I could help them with.

At a certain moment, I said that this is enough for now and I can,t imagine myself living like this for the rest of my life and even worse, I couldn,t imagine a person to be able to live together with me for tens of years in our marriage and family life. So I decided to make the necessary changes.

My parents were always arguing with me because I have never been able to finish my daily tasks and if I did, that was not on-time. Anyway, I wasn,t really interested in what they were saying to me, as I was too young; I was busy with my own little world. So I started with buying myself a time management book which I read and finally realized that the first thing that I need is a notebook in which I divide all my activities and daily tasks and responsibilities into hours, so I can finish everything I proposed for a certain day. I found this task initially difficult, because I could not always stick to my daily plan, until I learnt that time management includes certain events that might interrupt your activities and it is essential to learn how to deal with the unexpected events that may anytime arise.


In my daily activities, I added two hours of reading about health and nutrition, because I knew that the next step was to make the dietary changes. Therefore, I started to read a lot, take notes and something really attracted my attention: in numerous nutritional articles, workout and fitness was one of the main accents, but I initially couldn,t understand why, unless I experienced it on my own. As I have been skinny, I discovered that my body weight wasn,t optimal according to my height, and I knew that I needed several extra pounds for my optimal body weight. I started to discover why proteins are important for building muscle, resulting in weight gain. I understood that breakfast is the most important meal of the day that needs to include all the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals that a human body needs. Why can,t I skip my breakfast? Why do I have to eat proteins every day? Why can,t I eat anymore fast foods and why is the worst thing to break the fridge at 10pm and start eating everything that gets in your hand? These were all questions of mine but I got the right answer for all of them with time.

I tried countless supplements for which I spent a lot of time and money, but none of them really worked as I wished for. I finally realized that the best and cheapest dietary method for complete meals is to invest in the right natural foods; supplements are just the extra part, but can`t be used as main meals for many reasons. I also started thinking of the people who used to call me out for a walk, jogging or playing badminton. “I`d better watch a movie” or “Thanks, but I,ll take a nap instead” were my two common replies for such invitations. Today, I simply can,t imagine my life without daily physical activity. I don`t always have the time for my 1 and ½ hours of workout, but I take a 30-minutes walk or go out with the bicycle instead. I totally forgot the need of sleeping after I get home from the office and said goodbye to stress and lack of energy forever.


Women also need to look beautifully all the time. Together with the healthy lifestyle, workout and dieting niches, the beauty domain is another one of my hobbies. However, I today know that looking beautiful from the outside is not enough. Beauty that comes from the inside through dieting and workout will help you always maintain the youth and freshness of your outlook.

Because I want to share my knowledge I gathered throughout the years on Health, Beauty, Diet, Weight Loss and Fitness industries, I decided to create my BasicLifeSupport online magazine for everyone who is interested in popular trends, brands and useful tips in these domains. I hope that the valuable content published in these 4 niches will help you change your life into better and bring out the best of you!

As several final thoughts, I have some great suggestions for you. Living healthily needs to be started ASAP! Dear parents, teach your children to live healthily, don,t let them eat those chips, sweets, fast food and soda drinks they love! Dear teenagers, I know school isn`t easy, but everything stands at your positive attitude: give up with your unhealthy habits, workout hard, eat good stuff and be proud because life is about to start for you! Dear middle-aged readers, family life especially with small children is energy-consuming, along with your career, but avoid stress, stay strong; eat and live healthily! Dear elderly visitors, even if you are tired, life has something more for you, so it doesn,t mean that at your age, you can give up with living a healthy lifestyle; life is not over yet! Remember – it`s NEVER too late!

For any inquiries, suggestions and/or recommendations that you have, please don,t hesitate to contact me and my partner, by using the Contact Page! Your feedback, opinion, suggestions and concerns are all important for me that can contribute to the improvement of this online magazine.