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A story is told of a farmer who used to keep bees. Among the bees, he had a favorite queen bee whom he named “beauty”. He was so fond of her and would show her off to everyone who visited him.

One day a good friend from another country visited him. As usual, the farmer showed off beauty. The visitor insisted on handling her. So he put on the harvesting gear and got beauty out of the hive. Then he gave it to his visitor to hold it for a while as he went to change into normal clothes.

The visitor got a little nervous and released beauty who flew straight to his eyes. She gave him one good sting that made him scream loudly. In responding to the scream, the son of the farmer ran into the room only to find beauty in the eyes of the visitor. On seeing this he ran to his father’s room shouting, “Beauty is in the eye of the bee-holder”. Since that day, people began saying “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”.

That was on a light note……

Beauty is the visual appeal of something or someone. It is concerned with making things look better or more pleasant to the eyes.

In a world that cares so much about self-image, beauty is no small word. And we know you put in a lot to look good. We also understand the challenges you face in that process. Therefore will partner with you in your quest for beauty.

We will give you handy beauty tips and reviews of different beauty products. Whether it is perfumes and colognes, make-up kits, hair tools, lotions, creams and body ointments, nail polish etc., we got you covered.

Good news, there is information targeting both male and females, so no one is left out. Basic Life Support is your aesthetics partner of choice.

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