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Simply put, bodybuilding is the process of enlarging one’s musculature by subjecting the body to strenuous physical exercises. Follows that the person who engages in body building exercises is called a bodybuilder.

A wide array of exercises is available for body builders, exercises which largely depend on the capacity of the body to handle the stress. To avoid potentially fatal injuries, it’s important to exercise safely. That’s where a good gym comes in handy. A good gym is one well equipped with relevant training equipment to offer a variety of training options and with professional trainers to assist the trainees accordingly.

Body building is not a new concept, it has been with us for a few centuries. Bodybuilding has its origins in ancient Greek and Egypt dating 19th century. The natives would lift the stones and display their feats of strength. This would set stage for the modern day bodybuilding as we know it today.

People are into bodybuilding for different reasons. Some guys want muscle strength and body build that will wow all girls. Others are in it for physical fitness or trim body fats to reduce the risk of heart diseases. To others it is a sport, sculpting their muscles for competition. The list goes on.  Whatever your reason is, body building has proven benefits to the body if done rightly.

As your bodybuilding partner, we are dedicated to providing you relevant articles that will cover issues of concern to you as a bodybuilder like training and exercises, nutrition and supplements. This to safely help you achieve your bodybuilding goals.

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