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Everybody likes to eat. Well, some may not, but at least everybody must eat to remain alive. And that’s all nutrition is all about, food.

World Health Organization (WHO) has singled out nutrition as a cornerstone of good health. It goes ahead to define nutrition as food intake in relation to the body’s dietary needs. Generally, nutrition is the interaction of the body with the nutrients in the food.

Have you ever thought to yourself why many people are very strict with their diets? Simply because food is medicine. The food you eat has great overall impact on your health. Not only your health but your appearance, energy and comfort levels too.

Therefore, you need to invest in a good balanced diet that will boost your immunity and keep diseases at bay. If you don’t want to make medicine food for the rest of your life, join the group that is making food medicine.

Issues of concern to many people as regards nutrition include: What constitutes a balanced food?, What kind of food do I eat to gain or loss weight? What amount of each food group do I need each day? How is food digested? Advise on my individual eating habits, Does what I eat influence my sleeping pattern? Which kind of food is most suitable for a person with certain disease conditions?

We understand you are what you eat, so our team of nutritionists and dietitians will be on standby to address your nutrition concerns. This through up-to-the-minute nutrition reviews, tips and guides. Of great importance to us is that you achieve your nutritional goals.

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