The chest workouts, as many weightlifters know, does not always involve using weights, so you can find more chest workouts without weights. For instance, there are many traditional chest exercises that do not require a gym or special equipment to help chisel your chest without weight lifting exercises. The goal for such exercises is to build a strong upper body with bigger muscles with various chest stretches and other techniques that target the upper body.

chest workouts without weights

Another aspect of chest building exercises involves using simple push-up variations to achieve similar results for chiseling the chest muscles in the same way as weight lifters use weights and exercise machines to work their upper body for bigger muscles and a stronger back. For example, those exercise fans who enjoy lifting heavy weights with barbells or bench-press weights for a good chest workout usually find that doing the same sorts of repetitive exercises will not only help build chest muscles but prevent injuries that are usually caused by too much weight placed on a barbell.

Another aspect of non-weight chest development exercises includes new safety warnings for those who tend to bench-press or lift weights without realizing how these barbells and other exercise weights can harm muscles and tear ligaments in the arm, back and legs. For example, a college textbook on the subject of exercise states that the act of lifting a barbell in and around the chest area during exercise creates a serious stain on shoulders and other upper body parts. The solution is to practice natural and safer chest exercises that avoid the usual practice of barbell bench presses and other weight movements around the chest area.

at home chest workouts without weights

The workout that the National Football League now uses is all about strength training without weights. For instance, NFL football players now practice this natural workout that focus on the chest and each arm and leg without the use of weights, barbells or exercise machines. The rationale for shunning traditional heavy barbells for more natural exercise methods — that place the emphasis on chest strengthening and development – is linked to the many serious injuries experienced by NFL players who only challenged their chest during workouts with barbells and exercise machines.

Chest Workouts Without Weights Naturally

While it is know that seated chest presses are great for building chiseled chest muscles, there is a concern about a person’s center of gravity and stability that may be off kilter during these chest workouts without weights that target the muscles. Also, it is know that in these uncertain times that many men and women feel the only thing they have power over is their bodies. Thus, they tend to overcompensate with barbells and exercise machines because they think it is good for them, say professional exercise therapist that have commented online about the dangers of lifting too much weight in this day and age when men want bigger abdominal muscles.

The goal is to work the chest naturally with various exercise repetitions that are aimed at gradually creating a more chiseled and stronger chest for both men and women who desire a healthier looking abdomen. Still, there are those old school exercise fans that have been taught that lifting weights is the best and only means to develop the upper body and chest area.

great chest workouts without weights

The natural solution for building a chiseled chest is to practice these exercises:

The easiest way to do natural arm stretches for the chest region is to simply lie down on your back with knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Simply raise your right and then left hand over your chest while also squeezing your shoulder blades to produce a naturally stretch feeling that also keeps your chest high and breathing in and out while also moving your arms.

Stand straight up with an exercise ball in your hands and pull your abdomen in toward your spine while squeezing your shoulder blades. Continue to move the exercise ball back and forth from hand to hand so that the movement keeps you standing straight up without allowing your back to sink toward the ground. The idea, say exercise experts, is to keep your chest even with the medicine ball during this natural exercise.

While exercise machines and free weights are popular with some exercise fans, the people who decide on a more natural way and means to chisel their chest muscles enjoy such things as a simple sit-up with a 40-degree angle that offers a great chest workout because the incline tends to move your pecs in such a way that it creates a staple chest workout.

In general, there are many great natural chest workouts without weights for to strengthen your torso with such things as a simple push-up that is slow and easy to maximize the muscles groups around your upper body, back and arms.

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