Despite of their unusual taste, oysters have a number of vitamins and minerals to provide for the body and regular consumption of oysters results in a number of great health benefits. Oysters are well-known as aphrodisiacs and are eaten in every region of the world. They are integrated in everyday diet since 700 years and are most frequently eaten in cooked or raw forms. However, it is highly recommended to eat raw oysters, if you want to encounter the best of the health benefits (cooking could easily reduce some of the effects of vitamins and minerals present in oysters).

health benefits of oysters

The fantastic health benefits of oysters originate from the unique organic compounds, vitamins and minerals found in them which seriously contribute to boosting your body’s health and functioning.

Immune System

There are numerous free radicals and bacteria that weaken down the immune system. However, thanks to the high level of certain minerals, vitamin C and vitamin E of oysters, all of them having anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, the free radicals and bacteria can all be defeated. Free radicals are dangerous for their ability of attacking healthy cells and transforming them into cancer cells, by modifying the DNA. Premature aging and certain heart diseases are other risks of free radicals. This is the reason why the health benefits of oysters (because of their antioxidant properties) are important for boosting the immune system.

what are the health benefits of oysters

Bone Strength

Promoting bone health is another of the greatest health benefits of oysters. The minerals contained in oysters significantly contribute to the strength of the bones. Bone mineral durability and density are increased and protected by a number of minerals, each of them playing their own role in this process, such as selenium, copper, iron, zinc, phosphorus and calcium. This is how form developing conditions, like osteoporosis is possible to combat just by eating oysters.

Blood Circulation

Because oysters are one of the best iron sources, they play an important role for blood circulation as well. A simple fact is that our daily diet should consist of 90% iron and this is something essential for the body, required day by day. Iron plays the main role in forming red blood cells in the body. If you suffer from anemia (iron deficiency on its other naming) or want to combat it, eating oysters is a wise thing.

Don’t forget that iron deficiency further results in other unpleasant things, such as general muscle weakness, stomach diseases, cognitive malfunction and fatigue. Fresh and healthy red blood cells also improve the metabolism of the body.

health benefits of oysters smoked

Heart Health

The health benefits of oysters can significantly impact heart health as well through numerous ways, but the most important thing to know is that the difference between good and bad cholesterol consists of omega-3 fatty acids vs. omega-6 fatty acids’ consumption. While omega-3 fatty acids are considered to be the good ones, oysters can significantly contribute to heart health because of the high level of omega-3 fatty acids they contain.

Omega-6 fatty acids are bad for the artery walls and blood vessels, but oysters can significantly reduce omega-6 fatty acids’ levels in the body, while promoting heart health. This is how cardiovascular disease and other heart conditions can be easily prevented. The high magnesium and potassium content of oysters is also responsible for relaxing blood vessels and lowering blood pressure, while increasing blood circulation.

Weight Loss Purposes

Oysters have low calories but have all the nutrients needed by the body in the same time, this is the reason why the health benefits of oysters are also associated with weight loss purposes. This is the reason why people who are willing to get rid of extra pounds could find eating oysters beneficial, because of their nutritional value and without consuming too much calories. Obese people are highly recommended to eat oysters, because of their high content of sodium.

The key for losing weight and keeping body weight under control is transforming fats into proteins in the body. Oysters are also popular as great protein sources and if integrated in our everyday diet, muscle strength, cell growth, tissue repair and proper metabolic activity are only some of the benefits to notice.

health benefits of oysters and clams

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While there are more types of oysters and some of them may contain toxins, it is highly recommended to receive them only from trusted sources. Mineral overdose is also a warning related to oysters; this is the reason why it is ideal to eat only small portions of oysters at a meal. If you will integrate oysters in your daily diet by respecting your doctor’s advice, you can definitely enjoy the fantastic health benefits of oysters on the long run.


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