Human growth hormone (HGH) and its supplements is not new to the world of bodybuilding. Both male and female bodybuilders are actively exploiting the hormone to achieve massive growth plus a host of other benefits.

Of interest today is HGH for men. It is popular among male bodybuilders who are after massive growth and huge muscle gains.

There is a lot of information out there about HGH for men, much of the claims being controversial and confusing. The contradictory information from the so called experts hasn’t made it any better.

At Basic Life Support we are committed to making your life easier. We have gone to great lengths to carry out intensive research to help you know all you need to about natural HGH for men. We will tell you what HGH for men is, its importance in the body, how it works and finally review a very portent HGH supplement for you.

If such matters interest you, sit back as we unpack it for you.

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What Is HGH?

Growth hormone otherwise called human growth hormone is a hormone that is synthesized in the body by the pituitary glands. It primarily is responsible for growth. This it does by stimulating the liver to release insulin growth factor hormone (IGF-1) which promotes the growth of tissues, bones, organs and muscles.

The body naturally produces the hormone. But to maximize its effects, scientists have developed formulas to produce products that stimulate the pituitary glands to release more of the growth hormones.

Such products are called supplements. Since they stimulate the natural production of growth hormone they are very safe and have no side effects. It goes without saying that they are very legal and can even be used by athletes preparing for competitions.

What should be avoided are the synthetic growth hormones. Manufactured to mimic growth hormones, the synthetic hormones attempt to unnaturally attain the effects of HGH which results harmful effects to the body.

That’s the reason the synthetic hormones and other similar steroids have been prohibited in many jurisdictions. You will do yourself much good to keep away from such and opt for safer sources of best HGH for men.

Men and women do not produce the same amounts of HGH. Owing to their body processes and hormonal makeup, women tend to produce more HGH than men. Research has also shown that as men grow older the production rate of HGH decreases.

Eventualities which make HGH for men talk very relevant in bodybuilding circles as men find ways to top up their HGH levels and continue experiencing the benefits of HGH even as they grow older.

Talking of benefits, HGH has several critical benefits to a man’s body. We explore the benefits next.

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Benefits of HGH

It enhances general growth of the body and the building of lean muscles. This through increased protein synthesis to ‘feed’ the growth process.

Boosts energy levels. When HGH is administered, it stimulates collagen synthesis which increases muscle strength. When the body breaks down fats more energy is released. Increased energy levels means better performance at the gym.

Accelerates weight loss. HGH speeds up the rate of lipolysis, the process by which the body burns down fat releasing energy. The body primarily breaks down glucose to release energy. HGH triggers the body to burn down fats instead which cuts down fat reserves enhancing fat loss.

Leads to the development of stronger bones. HGH increases bone density resulting in tougher bones that can sustain you through your activities. When the frame is strong you can be sure of being strong too.

Reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. HGH is a very heart-friendly hormone. Adults with HGH deficiency have been observed to suffer more from cardiovascular diseases than individuals with normal or high rates. This has led to the conclusion that HGH reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Boosts libido. Some men have reported increases sexual drive when on growth hormone supplements.

Hastens recovery. Intense workout tends to push the body to the limit. The recovery process is at times slow and painful. However, when you have sufficient levels of HGH the recovery process is significantly sped up.

Improved immunity. That means better health. HGH has been noted to stimulate the immune system which enhances it capacity to protect the body against disease-causing microorganisms.

Better sleep. HGH enhances sleep patterns as its pulsatile secretion happens just as one begins sleeping and continues to rise into the early hours of sleep.

The body produces enough HGH for an average person. Yet for a bodybuilder to attain the much growth and muscle build and the massive strength levels, they may need more HGH than a normal man does.

To top up the HGH levels, then male bodybuilder must take HGH for men supplements. There are so many HGH supplements in the market, as many as are the manufacturers.

One of the most effective supplements is HGH-X2. We will give you a quick overview of the supplement so you make up your mind quickly and begin your journey to growth.

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HGH-X2 Review

It’s a very safe and legal HGH supplement that stimulates the pituitary glands to produce more growth hormone. The safety is attributed to the fact it accomplishes all this naturally without affection the normal rhymes of the body.

With the elevated levels of HGH, super-fast growth is guaranteed.

It’s manufactured and distributed by Crazy Bulk, a famous supplements manufacturer. Its potency is as a result of the use of very effective ingredients combined using scientifically a tested formula.

HGH-X2 operation relies on certain amino acids that stimulate the pituitary glands to release more growth hormone. It also instructs the body to retain more nitrogen in order to synthesize more proteins which will be used in the growth.

If you want massive growth of muscles and are ready to work for it, HGH is the supplement of choice. It could supplement your efforts with great results.

It’s recommended one takes the supplement for two months with about 10 days off. Take two capsules a day, approximately 20 minutes before breakfast. With that dosage you will be sure of high amounts of HGH in the body all day long.

A bottle of HGH with 60 capsules will cost you $59.99. Taking two capsules a day, a bottle will last you a month. For the complete dosage you will need two bottles. You can buy the two at once to get one bottle absolutely free. Your savings today will be $25.00. Read our HGH review now.

See here How It Works and some Before After Results

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Final Verdict

Are you ready for the ultimate growth experience? Diet and exercise right and complement your efforts with very potent HGH-X2. With the high supply of HGH, maximum growth within 30 days is sure. The formula has been tested and found true by many of the satisfied users. Join in and be a success story. Check out our review: special offer for you – buy 2 get 1 free + free shipping.


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