Your chest muscles, also known as pectoral muscles, consist of two muscles: the pectoralis minor and the pectoralis major. These muscles make up one of the body’s core muscle groups as they play a key function in stabilizing your upper body and arms. Adding mass to your chest depends on two key things: a good diet and a good exercise program. You should eat a balanced diet supplemented with foods rich in protein. To get quick results, perform your exercise program twice per week with two days between the workouts.

perfect chest workout

Your perfect chest workout and physical fitness program should include the following:

Bench Press

This is one of the most important chest workouts. You have to increase your bench presses gradually to add mass to your chest. Bench presses will affect not only your major or upper chest muscles but also your back muscles and triceps.

Dumbbell Press

Dumbbell presses, especially low incline ones, are a good routine to add in any perfect chest workout. These can be done using a slightly inclined or flat position and both target the chest muscles. You can increase the weight of dumbbells to keep the challenge level and intensity high.


You perform flys by lying flat on your back on an exercise bench. Use weighted dumbbells rather than the weighted barbell. Begin by holding a dumbbell in both hands and stretching out your arms to the side. Lift both arms up together and bring these dumbbells above your chest and then return your arms to the side. These workouts target the chest muscles and increase mass. As you continue with the exercise, you can increase the weight of dumbbells to add mass in your chest.

perfect chest workout routine

Barbell Press

Performing a series of barbell presses will help you target the pectoral muscles and can make these tissues show up. Begin with 6-8 reps and then increase them to a higher figure to build up strength and size in your chest.


Pullovers will help strengthen your chest muscles and back and can help you get better size and definition in both areas. Pullovers shouldn’t be the main chest workouts but they can be a useful tool in your quest for building a gorgeous chest.


Dips, like pushups, use the weight of your body to build mass in your chest. Using parallel bars or a dip station, place your hands on both bars and lift up your body and then lower it back down. As you keep your feet over the floor, you’re forced to raise and lower your whole weight. You’ll then lean forward while performing dips to increase pressure on your chest and add bulk. Perform dips while wearing an exercise belt to increase the difficulty level and increase bulk in your chest.


Pushups help to increase the mass in your chest by stretching them as much as possible. In order to gain maximum benefits from this perfect chest workout, you should perform pushups with the right techniques.

Cable cross-overs

Last but certainly not least, you should finish off with these workouts to totally stretch out the chest, build definition and have those striations truly showing. Or you could combine pushups with the cable cross-overs for a great finish.

the perfect chest workout

Additional Tips For Your Perfect Chest Workout

Calculate Calories Carefully

Your calorie needs depend on several factors, such as calorie expenditures, genetics, current metabolic rate, etc. If you eat too many calories, your body will focus on burning off extra fat instead of increasing muscle tissue. If you consume fewer calories than you use it could cause muscle loss as your body breaks down muscle tissues for use as energy. Calculate your calorie intake per day after considering your specific lifestyle, physical fitness goals, as well as activities.

Eat Adequate Amounts of Protein

Protein provides amino acids that are essential for muscle repair and growth. So if your diet doesn’t include enough protein all of your workout efforts won’t give you the best results. Be sure to include more natural sources of protein and supplements in your diet in order to provide the necessary support for maximum growth of muscle and chest size.

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Train Hard and Stretch Yourself

If you want huge pectoral muscles and a stunning chest you’ll need to train even harder. Frequent chest workouts that are difficult and intense will help you get your desired chest and make all your efforts worthwhile. Going to the gym 1-2 times a week won’t often help you have an outstanding chest; you’ll need to increase your efforts significantly.

Finally, it’s important to have time to rest and recuperate after your workouts. Don’t train your chest too much, do anything heavy or stupid (because you will really regret it) and get enough time between the workouts for your muscles to repair and heal. Most important of all, the key for gaining chest muscles successfully is to use proper techniques while exercising.


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