Building muscle mass is not a walk in the park. It is even more taxing if you are working extra hard to meet strict goals whether to align to competition requirement or for personal fulfillment. But it doesn’t have to be unbearably hard if you have the necessary tools.

A bodybuilder’s tool box holds three very crucial tools that incredibly hasten the bulking process. They are diet, workout and supplements. A very effective combination that guarantees speedy results.

Of great interest in this write up today is supplements. Finding and using the right supplement could be the difference between results and frustrations. Bulking supplements stimulate target body processes to generate hard muscle mass faster than it would normally.

Designed to mimic the workings of the condemned steroids, bulking supplements increase the levels of protein synthesis and nitrogen retention, factors which leads to massive generation and regeneration of muscles.

It’s very important to understand the fact that supplements are not magic pills that will increase your muscles as you sit by and do nothing. Far from it. Supplements are but enhancers meant to compliment your bodybuilding efforts.

best supplements for bulking fast

Supplements should be coupled with the two other tools in the tool box, diet and workout. You must eat healthy and concentrate your diet with carbohydrates and proteins, primary nutrients needed for protein synthesis.

More to that, take a lot of water. Water is needed in most body processes, including protein synthesis. Since the body loses so much during the bulking workouts you will need to drink in much water to keep your body hydrated and healthy.

Apart from that, you must take workout seriously. If you are to gain muscles in record time and achieve your goals then you must push harder at the gym.

There are tens of hundreds of bulking supplements circulating in the body building market. Unfortunately many of them are fake and produce no results. Finding the genuine supplement that effectively deliver bulk is a challenge many body builders grapple with.

To help out, we have researched far and wide to present you the best supplements for bulking. Very powerful and effective supplements that generate results very fast. If you are a body builder who is serious about building muscle fast, this is for you.

We will review the individual supplements for you so that you appreciate how it works and how you can use it right for maximum results.

best supplements for bulking

  1. Testo Max

The hormone testosterone activates body processes that generate energy which increases the strength levels of the body enhancing performance during workouts.

Naturally, the body produces testosterone in little amounts. That’s where Testo Max comes in handy. The supplement naturally stimulates the body to produce more testosterone which results in the release of explosive strength.

Apart from strength release, testosterone also promotes muscle gains allowing the body to bulk at a faster rate. Testo Max reviews too indicate that it has the capacity to minimize fat gains thus the body builder simultaneously shed fats as they build muscles to the max.

More to that, it delays fatigue which enhances tolerance allowing you work harder than you would without the supplement. And as it does that it also hastens the recovery process allowing you recover faster after heavy workouts.

Testo Max

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  1. D-Bal

Probably you have heard of the steroid Dianabol that was known for its potency in muscle building. Well, Crazy Bulk designed D-Bal to mimic effectiveness but in a natural way that preserves your body’s health.

D-Bal achieves the great muscle build in a distinct way, by hastening muscle generation process. It increases protein synthesis by enhancing the capacity of the body to retain nitrogen, a key ingredient used for protein synthesis. With increased levels of nitrogen, more protein is made. The body uses the high supply of proteins to build up muscles at a faster rate.

Moreover, when you take the supplement you are able to work out harder as it provides the energy and stamina you need.

Just like Testo Max, D-Bal also speeds post-workout recovery. With faster recovery assured you are able to work out even harder.


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  1. Trenorol

Are you tired of the stubborn fat which seem to be accumulating at a faster rate than your muscle growth giving you a bloated look? Trenol is the relief you need.

It contains very powerful ingredients that effectively increase the rate at which the body shreds fats. In no time the fat is burned away and the muscular physique begins to take shape.

In addition to that, Trenorol promotes the growth of lean muscles hastening the bulking process. This it does by enhancing the capacity of the body to retain nitrogen which is then used to synthesize protein which promotes muscle growth.

Also, it increases the production of red blood cells which in turn increases the supply of oxygen in the body. With sufficient supply of oxygen endurance is enhanced. Coupled with the massive amounts of energy it releases in the body, the bodybuilder is able to push harder during exercises and get satisfactory results.


And after workouts, the supplement speeds up the recovery process.

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  1. Decaduro

Another very portent bulking supplement is Decaduro. The legal alternative of the steroid Deca-Durabolin works more like Trenol.

It promotes maximum muscle mass growth by increasing the levels of protein synthesis by enhancing the retention of nitrogen, a primary element needed in protein synthesis.

Besides that, it is responsible for the release of strength. A body builder on Decaduro is not only muscular but very strong too.

And like Trenol, Decaduro raises the levels of red blood cells in the body which results in enhanced supply of oxygen.


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Bulking Stack

Think with me. If the individual supplements are that powerful what would happen when you combine all the four. Next to none effectiveness, right?

That’s all bulking stack brings you.  It combines the best supplements for bulking for faster results. The stack contains Testo Max, D-Bal, Trenol and Decaduro.

The synergistic effect of the four supplements is the surest guarantee for maximum bulking at amazingly faster rates.

A stack will cost you $179.99. If you are to buy the supplements individually it will cost you 20% more.

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The stack is packaged for a serious bodybuilder or athlete who is taking the right diet and is already used to strenuous gym exercises. With the help of the supplements you could break the records and meet your bulking goals.

If you are just starting out avoid the stack. The powerful combination could knock you out. Start with individual supplements and graduate slowly.

best supplements for bulking up

Final Thoughts

Probably you have tried other supplements that fell you short of your expectations and left you skeptical. Abandon your skepticism and try out these supplements, whether individually or a stack. Manufactured using very powerful natural ingredients and keeping in mind the pro level bulking cycle, the supplements guarantee maximum results. Results that will surpass your expectations.


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